We have been tracking the Water Quality Bill proposed by Governor Branstad, and now report an update.  The Bill has cleared its first hurdle with the Iowa House but still faces a long road ahead.  From The Gazette:

“This the first step in maybe a long process,” Rep. Lee Hein, R-Monticello, chairman of the subcommittee and Agriculture Committee, told more than 60 people who attended the subcommittee hearing. “We’ll at least try to keep the conversation going.”
In his Condition of the State address in January, Branstad proposed addressing statewide water-quality by extending the state sales tax dedicated for school infrastructure for 20 years. The first $10 million collected each year would go to support school infrastructure. Revenue over and above that would go toward the water quality initiative.Branstad projected schools sti
ll would be getting $20.7 billion for infrastructure otherwise funded by property taxes, while $4.7 billion would be channeled to improving Iowa waterways.

Read the full article here:  Governor’s Iowa water quality bill clears first hurdle

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