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When you think of commercial real estate,  one of the first images that comes to mind may be this one above.  Perhaps the most successful and definitely the most prominent real estate developer in the country, Donald Trump.  Previously focused on areas like Manhattan, Chicago, Doral and San Fransisco, Mr. Trump (along with other candidates in the 2016 presidential race) is now influencing Des Moines real estate.

Iowa has long enjoyed a commercial real estate boost from caucus season every four years.  With its “first in nation” status, the caucuses draw a lot of attention – and travelers – to the greater Des Moines area and across the state for a multi-month period.  This has always been a great economic generator for Iowa, but this year Mr. Trump brings an additional facet to the discussion.

As a prominent real estate developer, analysts are beginning to wonder how a Trump presidency may affect real estate not just in Iowa but across the country:

In 2016, Donald Trump has raised his populist banner and attracted lots of attention from commercial real estate professionals. 

“Trump is something we haven’t seen before in politics, and he’s breaking all the rules,” says Jim Tansey, CCIM, principal of Lockard Companies in Davenport, Iowa, and Iowa City, Iowa, who participates in the Iowa caucuses every four years and has met most of the 2016 presidential contenders. He is not a Trump supporter. “He may help commercial real estate professionals’ reputations as problem solvers.”

“It gives me a comfort level that Trump understands and will protect commercial real estate,” Bogenrief says. 

“Should he make it all the way to the White House, the assumption is Mr. Trump’s passion and understanding of commercial real estate could lead to policies that would make it easier to do business of all types,” Rosteck says. “But I haven’t seen that his candidacy is influencing my market at this point.”

“The Trump factor has brought in a new dynamic for the real estate developer,” Wilson says. “What is Trump going to do? Even in the commercial real estate sector, Trump wants to see business is not lost to Mexico or China. Those opportunities will be good for Iowa. Our state has the services and land for the development of industrial parks and hi-speed Internet, so businesses can succeed.”

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