Those of us who live in the greater Des Moines area have long considered it one of the best kept secrets out there.  Low cost of living, quick commutes, great schools and communities have all made for a great place to live.  But perhaps “cool” was never among the list of selling features…until now.

Although we may take issue with the title of “dullest city”, it appears this hidden gem is now being discovered by others, as featured in this new article from Politico.  And not just discovered for the qualities listed above, but for becoming “cool”.  But that’s old news to anyone who has lived in Des Moines for the past 5-10 years.  From the burgeoning East Village, to the Des Moines Social Club, to the well known Raygun t-shirts, Des Moines has quietly evolved into a creative hub.

“Its downtown — previously desolate after 5 p.m. — has come alive, with 10,000 new residents and a bevy of nationally recognized restaurants. A few blocks away, the uber-cool Des Moines Social Club draws 25,000 people a month — more than a 10th of the city’s population — to take part in everything from Shakespeare and avant-garde theater to live music and aerial gymnastics classes. Former Talking Heads frontman David Byrne showed up at its opening in 2014 because he thinks a city once called “Des Boring” may be America’s next creative hub.”

Read the full article from Politico here.

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