Terry Branstad

If asked to name a city or region with water issues, you might immediately say Flint, MI or Southern California.  But Iowa has recently been in the news for its own water quality issues.  A federal lawsuit was recently filed by the Des Moines Water Works against rural drainage districts.  More information about that lawsuit can be found here.

Recently, Gov. Terry Branstad weighed in at the ninth annual Land Investment Expo in West Des Moines.  He has made a proposal to extend the 1% statewide sales tax currently in place through December 31, 2049 (currently set to expire on December 31, 2029).  Currently, these funds go to schools.  In exchange for the extension, Gov. Branstad’s proposal caps school funds at $10 million per year, with the excess in any given year going to water quality projects.

Quality water and quality schools have been two trademarks of the greater Des Moines area for decades.  Read more about the issue here.

What do you think of Gov. Branstad’s proposal?  What is best for Iowa?  Tell us in the comments section.


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